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What is backwards design?

When devising your curriculum, you need to start out by thinking about goals, outcomes, and assessment. What do you want students to achieve by the end of the course? How will you know if they have achieved it? Once you are clear about these things, you can start to work on the teaching and learning objectives that will guide classroom learning. Often, curriculum design starts at the wrong end, with lists of items to be learned and teaching and learning activities, with little thought at the outset about overall outcomes or assessment. By using backwards design, you prioritize student learning outcomes and let them be your guide in assessment, objectives, materials, and teaching and learning activities.

Let me help you with your dissertation

There are few things in life more daunting than the prospect of writing a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. Whether it’s choosing or narrowing down a topic, deciding on a research method and theoretical framework, preparingĀ an IRB submission, conducting the research, or writing it all up, every step involves challenges that you likely haveĀ never have encountered before. Let me help. I’ve done this myself, and I’ve coached others through the process. I can help you get to the finish line on time with a piece of work that you can be proud of.