Alan is smart, insightful, detail-oriented, and results-driven. He sees the big picture, and continuously works towards making concrete improvements. Alan is direct in his communication, but always diplomatic. On team projects, he listens to others, is proactive in follow-up, and advocates his positions. He is committed to maintaining high standards and is resourceful. His sense of humor and substantive contributions make Alan very easy to work with.

Patricia Juza, Director of International English Center at University of Colorado Boulder


Alan is one of the most level-headed, logical administrators I have ever worked with in the education field. In addition, he has outstanding leadership skills, and the ability to come up with, and more importantly, implement even the most complex solutions to problems.

Robert McCullough, Adjunct Professor, Boston area universities

I’ve enjoyed working with Alan as a professional colleague for several years. Alan is a thoughtful, articulate, knowledgeable, ethical and committed TESOL professional. Many colleague directors in our field have turned to him for insights and advice, and we appreciate his leadership in one of our professional associations, UCIEP (Consortium and University and College Intensive English Programs). I’m happy to give Alan my recommendation without hesitation or reservation.

Mark Algren, Director, University of Missouri Center for English Language Learning

Having associated with Alan as Boston-based International Education colleagues for more more than a decade, I consider him to be an inspiring leader, dedicated mentor, enthusiastic manager, and consummate professional.

In 2008, we were both awarded TESOL scholarships to be trained as Site Reviewers for the Commission on English Language Programs (CEA). Alan later was elected to the CEA Commission, and then Commission Chair.

As Managing Director of CELOP, he graciously hosted 3 times/year a gathering at CELOP for an extensive network of ESL Program Directors from the greater Boston area. This unique network of participating schools established a venue/exchange by which former competitors became trusted collaborators.

In that context, Alan has been open and generous, sharing knowledge and other resources with me and the ESL school in which I work. A prime example was when I sought guidance from Alan on how to motivate faculty at my school to perceive our (CEA) accreditation efforts as a valuable professional development opportunity, instead of a dreaded, superfluous annoyance. His suggestions worked remarkably well.

I recommend Alan without hesitation to the next organization fortunate enough to employ him.

Louis Meucci, Director of Student Services, Showa Boston Institute

It has been my honor to work alongside someone as knowledgeable and talented as Alan Broomhead. I first met Alan while attending intensive English program events in the local Boston area. It quickly became clear to me that Alan had extensive experience and expertise in the field of international education.

Fast forward two years and I had the privilege to serve on the EnglishUSA Board with Alan as he served as the Vice President for Advocacy. During that time, Alan was able to overhaul the EnglishUSA Stakeholder Conference into one that is not only laden with updates on policy and procedure but one that was incredibly helpful to the attendees – one that challenged goers to share their frontline experience and move past mere updates to actual forward thinking plans.

This ability to be both theoretical and practical at the same time is no doubt evidenced in his role as Director of Student Services at Showa Boston Institute. There, Alan focuses on creating an atmosphere among his students and colleagues that is conducive to learning and building community; From student affairs and orientation to overseeing immigration regulation, Alan does it all. His extensive experience with the CEA as a Commissioner and Site Reviewer shows that he knows the variety of forms that English language programs can take through and through. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Alan Broomhead for any role in leadership within your organization for his expertise and experience. He is far above any others in this realm.

Mackenzie Kerby, Regional Director of US Operations, ELS Educational Services, Inc.

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